About the Series

The Canvas Sextet is a series of six volumes of short literary fiction containing 50 stories each, with each story told in only a single page. The minimalism involved draws from the artistry of painters who primarily work with a single canvas to create vivid imagery and tell stories of great depth and complexity. The conventional approach to fiction gives the writer an unlimited number of canvases to work with rather than just one, but by adopting the approach of the painter and working with only a page, each line of prose must work as complexly as a brushstroke. While a number of writers have played with the idea of stories written in a single page, no one has taken the format seriously enough to explore it in a sustained way, and so it has remained largely a novelty. The complexities of telling stories using the single canvas approach are challenging, but the form brings a unique array of joys and discoveries, and demands that the reader participate in the process by bringing to the stories some of what the author has left out. The collections Jesus Loves You But Not Today, Download the Moon, Zen Pussy Riot, and All These Are My Tears will be followed by two other volumes to comprise 300 original short works of literary fiction.